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Here's what we've got in store for you!

A typical summer with events of any kind is generally planned over the winter months.  This year was exceptional again in that we couldn't really plan anything for the future, not knowing what would be permitted. 


Now that many of the rules are relaxing and things are changing quite rapidly, we thought it would be nice to try and bring back a couple of our more popular summer events, all the while following the rules still in place.


Please click on the "Monthly Calendar" under the MORE tab to see the exact dates for the events described below. 


Here's what WES has in store for you:


Errol's Jerk Chicken Feast/Family BBQ:  Errol Johnson is our district city councillor.  Almost every year he comes during one of our family BBQ's and cooks up some amazing Jerk Chicken!  Rumour has it that our mayor, Alex Bottausci, will also make an appearance that evening!


Halloween in July: Come dressed in your Halloween best and participate in various fun games with prizes. Guards will also choose the best dressed.  This fun afternoon is for young and old.


SWIM-A-THON:  More details to come but this is a fundraiser where all money raised will be donated to a local Island of Montreal charity.


BluesFEST The West Island Blues Festival is adapting to the Covid rules and will be held at 4 parks in DDO, one of which will be Westminster.  What better way to enjoy some music than by coming for a swim at WES!  Details for ticket purchase to the event should be available on the city website soon.


Spaghetti Supper:  This is an annual event in which the moms of our staff prepare an amazing spaghetti supper, and the staff host and serve all those in attendance.  There is a small charge to attend the event and all proceeds will go towards the staff's year- end outing.


WES 50th Anniversary Celebration:  This year WES is 50!!!  This was supposed to be a huge party, but Covid had other plans.  A detailed schedule of what the day will look like and how it will run are still to be fine-tuned, but what we can say is we will still try to have some fun and look back on the many fun times we've had over the years.  Some events throughout the day will consist of: Everblast, performances by all of our synchro groups and corn roast.  


SYNCHRO FINALS:  Teams in each of our age categories will get to experience a scaled down version of a synchro final.  Yes, this means they'll be getting team suits, KNOXing their hair and putting on make up!  Please note we are still waiting on an announcement for a host pool for the senior finals.


FEED THE LIFEGUARDS WEEK:  Another annual tradition and a way for us to show our appreciation to our hard working staff. This year we will work it a bit different from in years past.  A bristol board sign-up will be put up on the outside of the canteen this week.  Each "meal" (breakfast/lunch/supper) will also have a number beside it indicating how many staff are on site for that meal. We're asking one family to sign up for one meal.


Follow our Facebook page and check on site for the posters with details for each of these events.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask or email us. 

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