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Bronze Cross / Bronze Medallion

Are you 13 years old or older? Do you love spending your summer out in the sun? Do you want to become a lifeguard? If the answer to all these is yes, then Bronze Medallion is the course for you!!


Bronze Medallion is a 30 hour course that lasts the length of the summer. It teaches you all the basic lifesaving skills that could be used to save someone's life. The main topics covered are heart attack, angina, stroke, CPR and more. If any of this sounds interesting then don't be afraid to join and have a great time while learning useful skills that you will regret not knowing!

If you have already completed the Bronze Medallion course then the next step for you is to start the Bronze Cross course, which runs in parallel with Bronze Medallion but goes more in depth. Both courses will be taught by a certified instructor.


Cost of the course is $75.

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