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Users agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Westminster Pool Association and any amendments which may be enacted hereafter.

These regulations apply to all users. If necessary, lifeguards on duty may choose to apply additional rules. Members not respecting the rules may be expelled from the pool grounds.

  1. Children under 5 years old, as well as non-swimmers ages 6 to 8, must have a guardian in the pool with them.  The Guardian must be within arms reach, and this during the entire time in the water.  The Guardian must be at least 14 years old.

  2. All children 11 years and under, as of June 30th, must be accompanied by an adult/guardian (14 years and older) while on pool premises for non-structured activities (i.e. free swim).  Kids who are 11, as of June 30th, may come to the pool for their structured activities (i.e. lessons, leaders events) but can’t stay on pool premises unattended at the end of the activity.   As of 12, children could stay on pool premises on their own.

  3. Children that are not toilet trained must wear a water/swimming diaper.

  4. No glass containers are permitted on deck. 

  5. No running on deck.

  6. No hanging onto the lane ropes, or deep end rope.

  7. No holding, sitting, or standing on the starting blocks outside of lessons or swim team practice.

  8. No disturbing or distracting the lifeguards while up on chair duty.

  9. Respect the 1m from waters edge to yellow line boundary on deck.  No chairs or other obstructions should be in this space at any time.

  10.  During adult swim, all kids 17 years of age and under must leave the water and remain behind the yellow line until free swim is called again.

  11. No smoking or vaping on pool premises/grounds.

  12.  No diving in the shallow end of the pool.

  13. No jumping/diving off the diving board until the previous diver has exited the water.

  14. No climbing the steps of the diving board until the previous diver is off the end of the board.

  15. No reaching up with your hands and grabbing/hanging off the diving boards edge during free deep end swim.

  16. No pushing, dunking, spitting of water, or rough housing on deck, in the pool, or in the back grass.  No water guns, nerf guns, or water balloons are permitted from home.

  17. No somersaults, back, or inward dives off the diving board during free swim.

  18.  The baby pool can only be used with the presence of a lifeguard inside the baby pool gated area.

  19.  No running, standing, or jumping on the tabletops, or benches of the picnic tables.

  20. Only Pool members, paid guests, or visitors can enter pool grounds.

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