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Welcome to our 2022 Staff

We are very fortunate to have an amazing group of guards. They'll soon become the talk of our dinner tables and our kids will love spending time with them at the pool.

Monasi (Co-Manager)

What’s up Crocs! As some of you may already know, my name is Monasi and this will be my third summer guarding at WES and my second summer in management! I am super excited to get back into the WES spirit and spend another memorable summer with all of our amazing members! I’ve been working on my cannon ball all winter, so be prepared to get splashed!!!!

Colin (Co-Manager)

To whom it may concern, since it is my first year in management, I have a lot to say for this biography of mine so you can really get to know who I am. So before reading this it would be best to grab a drink, maybe even a snack because I will be going very much in depth of the life of Colin D’Amour. While reading this you will most likely become a much smarter person, and with my immense vocabulary you will easily become much better at the popular game of Wordle, so please strap in for what I am about to say; What up Wes!?

Daria (Assistant Manager)

To my favorite Wes Crocs,
It’s Daria!! I am beyond excited to spend my fourth summer at the most awesome pool in the history of summer pools. After a long and cold winter of studying, I cannot wait to put my books down and my sunscreen on. I am looking forward to spending another amazing summer with all of you. See you soon Wes!!

Remy (Senior Supervisor)

Greetings fellow large reptilians,
I am incredibly enthused for this period of canicular days! I have come across various familiar visages whilst working at the Gerry-Robertson vaccination clinique. And I have severe impatience to behold you all again. I am equally joyous to meet all the new members 2022 will have for us. I will be returning for my 4th year and will be occupying the supervisor position. I am very eager to make the walloping transition from pantaloon to maillots and from winter attire to summer garment. The excitement of having fun with you all once again overtakes my emotions.
Can not wait to see you all again
Remy, King of reptilians

Sydney (Senior Supervisor)

What’s good Wesmin! I’m Sydney and I’m pumped for the summer. I am finishing up my 2nd year at John Abbott and could not be more excited for the pool to come back! I’m tired of the cold and ready for summer. Get ready because this summer’s gonna be a blast... GO CROCS!!!

Adam (Senior)

Hey Wes!
It’s Adam! I’m so excited to be back for my third summer as a senior lifeguard! I’m finishing my first year at John Abbott College in Honours Science. I can’t wait to be back at the pool to see all the familiar faces and meet all the new members! I’m looking forward to having lots of fun with all of you and making fond memories! See you all soon!

Dylan (Intermediate)

Hey Wes Crocs!! I'm happy to say it's finally time to get back into the summer spirit. I'm so excited to be coming back this summer and seeing all of you amazing people, and also meeting some new ones. Last year was an absolute blast and I can't wait to croc & roll with you all this summer! Time for a hotdogs eating contest??!

Julia (Intermediate)

Hey Crocs!! My name is Julia and  I’m thrilled to be working at Westmin this summer! I am graduating  high school at Collège Charlemagne in June! Only a couple months left until the pool reopens! I could not be more excited to meet all the members! I’ve been diving since I was 6 at the Pointe-Claire Aquatic Center and got lucky enough to be able to teach lessons there for the past year. I’m so done with this weather and I can’t wait to see what this summer has to offer!

Eva (Junior)

Hey Crocs!! I’m Eva and it’s my first summer at Westmin, I’m so excited to be back at the pool! We’ve been waiting for summer for too long now. Can’t wait to meet all of you!!!

Maddy (Junior)

Hey Westmin!! My name is Madison. This is going to be my first summer guarding at Wes as a junior! I can't wait to see all the familiar faces from my home pool!! I’m currently in grade 10 at Beaconsfield High School. I grew up winter swimming at Pointe-Claire and I’m now on my 3rd year playing waterpolo for DDO. After many months of hiding from the cold and snow, I’m looking forward to getting back into the pool! I’m counting down the days until swim meets, waterpolo games, family BBQ’s and so much more! See you all soon!!

Serina (Junior)

Hey Crocs!! My name is Serina and I’m thrilled to join the Wes family for my first summer guarding! I’m currently finishing grade 10 at College Saint-Louis and can’t wait to switch out my books for my flip-flops. I swam at DDO for 8 years and I’ve recently started giving lessons there. Whether it be swimming, diving, talking or playing jump ball in the pool, I can’t wait to get to know all of you and for us to enjoy this summer together! I’m beyond excited for these hot summer days spent by the pool with everyone! See you soon!

Isabella (Junior)

Hey Crocs my name is Isabella! I’m going to be a junior and this will be my first year lifeguarding. I’m so excited to start and meet everyone.

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